LEGO Brings BeatBit Studio to Domino Park

Last weekend, the world famous LEGO Group brought a brand-new virtual experience to Domino Park in Williamsburg. Titled BeatBit Studio, the event introduced Brooklyn families to the LEGO Group’s futuristic VIDIYO technology with an interactive pop-up store.
VIDIYO is a new music-making video experience developed by The LEGO Group in collaboration with Universal Music Group. The VIDIYO platform allows kids to create their own LEGO-themed music videos using augmented reality technology.
In a statement on their website, The LEGO Group expressed their hope that the new platform would foster a love for directing, producing, and making music and films in the minds and hearts of young people.
The Brooklyn event was housed in a pop-up store in Domino Park, and allowed interested families to try out the VIDIYO technology. With the help of on-site staff, families could use a combination of barcodes, cameras, and large screens to create their own impromptu music videos.
Before leaving the pop-up, participants are then able to view and download their creations for safekeeping. Attendees also received a free exclusive BeatBit bundle that they can use to make more music videos from the comfort of their own homes.
Guests at the event experienced a safe, COVID-conscious operation that required no physical contact. Visitors were first able to que up on a virtual line before entering the pop-up. During waiting times, participants were encouraged to explore the rest of Domino Park.
LEGO VIDIYO is aimed at children aged 7–10, and provides a safe platform where they can bridge the gap between physical and digital play.
Combining new technology with the LEGO System in Play, and music from many of the world’s leading artists covering multiple genres, LEGO VIDIYO provides a refreshing opportunity for children to express themselves creatively. LEGO BeatBits (which utilize the VIDIYO technology) are currently available for purchase.
The Brooklyn event is part of a nationwide tour to promote the new product. Previous stops include Salt Lake City and Broomfield, Colorado, with future stops scheduled for Chicago and Seattle.

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