Get to the point 5k entertains locals

By Billy Wood

Greenpoint residents came out on Sunday afternoon to participate in the 28th edition of the St. Stan’s Catholic Academy Get to the Point 5K run. 

The Oct. 17 event was founded by Frank Carbone, president of the pre-k3 to eighth grade catholic school. He has been involved with the school for 50 years. Carbone attended the school as a child, founded their sports program and served as a chairman of the board of directors throughout the years. 

“We wanted to do a community oriented event, something that was fun and that would hopefully raise a few dollars for the school,” Carbone said. “It has just evolved into a terrific well attended event.”

Sunday’s event had an estimate of 350 people total, with about  220 runners for the 5K race and an additional 80-90 for the children’s dashes. 

If you did not want to run that was not a problem either as the event had bouncy houses for the children, a clown handing out balloons and a Pikachu mascot. There were also adults and children singing along in the streets to Taylor Swift that the DJ was playing  throughout the event.

The event began with the children’s dashes, which saw children from the ages of 2-12 competing. 

“We give the kids a nice opportunity to compete in a very friendly setting,” Carbone continued.“And then we do a ceremony for them, to make ‘em feel special.”

When their award ceremony concluded, the adults got ready for the 5K race.The race started on Driggs Avenue and Newel Street and went throughout Greenpoint, finishing at the corner of  Humboldt Street and Driggs Avenue. 

“I’m looking forward to being out there and the great energy,” said Tom Meany, a member of the Prospect Park Track Club. This year was his second year participating in the event; he previously ran 10 years ago.

The 220 runners from different areas of the city and from nearby states gave everything for a good cause. 

“It’s good exercise and a celebration of life,” said Meany.

Carlos Gonzalez was the first person to cross the finish line with a run time of 17:23.09. Once all of the runners crossed the finish line everyone went to the school’s auditorium for the final award ceremony and the after party where they were treated to refreshments, food, dancing, raffles and more.

This event was a hopeful step in the right direction since last year’s event was not as elaborate due to the COVID-19 pandemic; last year’s run was the first 5K race since 2019. 

“It’s a nice chance for everybody to kind of reconnect, whether it’s alumni, people from the neighborhood, you know, we have people who used to live in the neighborhood who came back, or they circle it on the calendar and they can make it every couple of years they come back,” Carbone said.