Facebook Groups for Our Brooklyn Communities

By Stefanie Donayre | news@queensledger.com

Providing more than just a platform to post pictures, social media outlets like Facebook have created virtual communities that strengthened neighborhood dynamics. These groups provide residents with the platforms to share, exchange, and support fellow neighbors in their area. Below is a list compiled of active Facebook Groups that are relevant to residents, both former and current, of the North and Central Brooklyn areas:

“Greenpoint; Our Home”

This private group is dedicated to those who were born and raised in Greenpoint and its neighboring areas. From relevant memes, news articles, and pictures, the members of the group reminisce about the Greenpoint they knew growing up. This nostalgic group invites members to share their memories of family get-togethers, block parties, pizza shops, and more.

“Greenpoint Sharing”

Intending to build solidarity, minimize waste, and meet community needs through a collaborative network, the “Greenpoint Sharing” group is a source for reusing, sharing, and gifting items. Members in the group post free items they no longer need, and share curb finds and relevant links that may benefit others in Greenpoint.

“Greenpoint & Williamsburg Community Group”

Serving the people of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, this group is an outlet for neighborhood news, volunteer opportunities, events, and essential information. Like other neighborhood groups, this group allows business groups in the area to share details about their services but also works to organize public meetups at events based on their member feedback.

“Greenpoint Neighbors!”

Interactions from sharing local news and events in the area, asking, and answering questions, and building relationships with one another help foster a neighborly and polite environment within this group. Some of the group’s recent posts include promoting local clothing swaps, events, and furniture listings.

“Buy Nothing Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY”

Following the rules of the “Buy Nothing” community groups in other areas, this page operates on its members in the Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and East Williamsburg areas gifting and receiving items to their fellow neighbors for free. However, due to popular demand, the wait to be approved to join this group may take a while.

“Williamsburg Community Group BK, NY”

This community serves as a forum for Williamsburg residents to sell goods, share local news, and exchange ideas. It gives residents space to interact with one another, meet, and converse.

“Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY”   

This public group of 16.4k members is open to those who are either new to Bushwick, previous residents of the area, or are friends. While most groups allow small business to advertise their services or products, this group prohibits it.

“North Brooklyn Puzzle Swap”

If you have a passion for puzzles and reside in North Brooklyn, this puzzle community invites you to join their group to trade and share puzzles for free. Members can discuss their favorite puzzle brands, techniques, and thoughts on puzzle building and are invited to participate in the group’s in-person Puzzle Swaps and Picnic events.

“Williamsburg Weekly”

Williamsburg locals are provided with up-to-date information on the latest developments, from new restaurants, retail, festivals, hotels, and schools, in the area.

“You Probably Lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the 80s If You Remember”

Sharing firsthand recollections of Williamsburg during the 80s, this group is dedicated to those who lived in the Williamsburg area during the 1980s. In each post, members share recollections and previous experiences from that specific era of the neighborhood.

“North Brooklyn Events”

Looking for the perfect activity in North Brooklyn? Look no further than the North Brooklyn Events group. The group’s members post and submit local events such as art openings, open mics, rallies, sample sales, and more. This group differs from other groups in the area as it focuses on only social, civic, and cultural events in North Brooklyn.

“North Brooklyn Community”

This group is dedicated to sharing up-to-date information on news and events in the North Brooklyn area with locals.

“Bushwick, Williamsburg, & Ridgewood Pet Sitting & More Exchange”

This group advertises pet sitting, daycare, walks, and check-ins for pet owners in Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Ridgewood. Group members can post detailed descriptions and images of their animals and list the services they provide or are looking for to reach interested group members. To improve the comfort and safety of both pet owners and those offering trade services, the group guidelines emphasize the significance of in-person meetings before scheduling an arrangement.

“Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn”

Providing information on relevant activities, businesses, and events all within Bedford Stuyvesant, this group aims to build community engagement. Bedford Stuyvesant residents are encouraged to join and visit the group often to stay up to date with the latest news.


This public group with 3.3K members consists of residents, former residents, and those who are interested in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The group serves as a medium for sharing information and experiences relevant to the Bedford-Stuyvesant community and engaging in conversations on local history, restaurants, and community events. Participating group members most recently posted about local music events, resourceful webinars, and medical mobile vans in the area.

“Bushwick Community”

Deriving from The North West Bushwick Community Group’s mission of voicing and supporting community needs with local non-profits and elected officials, this Bushwick group continues to be an outlet to address community needs. Group members tend to post items in need or small businesses, ranging from cleaning services to nail technicians.

“Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Brooklyn Neighbors”

This page provides an outlet for conversations on a range of subjects, such as local news, events, programs, food, culture, safety, and criminal activity. The group admin encourages local businesses and organizations to promote their events and activities in this group. Unlike most Brooklyn neighborhood groups, this community’s rules state that no commercial and real estate listings are allowed to be posted unless the group members are selling their apartment or home in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, or surrounding areas.

“Crown Heights Brooklyn”

As a resource for locals and companies located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, this group exchanges insightful information on small businesses and residents to foster community collaboration. Recently shared activities in the Crown Heights area include art exhibits, recommendations for eateries, and small business promotions from networking sessions to dog sitter services.

“Bushwick Mutual Aid”

From donating baby formula to sharing job opportunities, the members of the Bushwick Mutual Aid Facebook group actively support one another through neighborly assistance. A unique aspect of this group is their members’ volunteer participation and an active GoFundMe, to fund their efforts of securing a storefront to distribute weekly free hot meals and other items indoors during the winter instead of their primary location at Maria Hernandez Park.

“Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Community”

The Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Community group is a platform for members to advertise their services and skills to the Bedford-Stuyvesant community.

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