Back in the Day…Feb. 1, 2024 Reader Submission

“I was maybe 10 or 11 when I took these photos. I’ve lived all my life in Brooklyn. My parents gave me my (first) camera for my 9th birthday, a 126 Kodak. I would take it all over the place and snap photos, color or BW. I just liked to take photos all over the place. (I still do, and many of my photos have been used in my books and articles). [I am the author of the 3 books on The Lost Synagogues of NYC, and the book Walking Manhattan, a tour guide.] I do recall that I took lots of photos after snowstorms. I’d take photos of snowmen we built, digging out the cars from snow, etc. I hope that modern viewers, such as my own daughters (aged 23 and 21), will see the similarities and differences of the Brooklyn we all know. The car styles are always a hoot. And the reason that I found these was that I was looking for old photos of my parents in that photo box. I found Mom’s driver’s license and a snap of Dad, posing in East Flatbush with his Army uniform all pressed nicely.” -Ellen Levitt

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