Pol Position: How the mighty have fallen

The three-term scandal-scarred former governor Andrew Cuomo, who ruled Albany with an iron fist is now … a podcaster.

Cuomo first announced the podcast last month along with a political action committee (groups that raise money to help elect candidates) and plans to launch a gun-safety initiative. 

The first episode of “As A Matter of Fact…” was released on October 20, 2022, as part of his recent return to public life. It featured guests like the 11 day tenure Trump White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, former Clinton pollster turned Trump defender Mark Penn and Elaine Kamarack – a senior fellow of the center-left public policy group The Brookings Institution.

The podcast is mostly a snooze fest: lamenting political polarization, highlighting his own accomplishments and challenging the state of “democratic and republican facts.”

“It’s just spin. Its just deception,” said Cuomo regarding the state of facts, which is rich coming from the man who the Attorney Generals office said underreported COVID-19 nursing homes deaths by upwards of 50 percent.

The new podcast is likely nothing more than a soft launch for his political comeback, as he still has a 10.6 million dollar war chest, according to campaign finance records released in July.

Irregardless, its a long fall from the Executive Mansion to be sitting in front of a microphone, doing … a podcast of all things.

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