Opinion: Shut up Councilman Salamanca

In the progressive caucus fallout, Bronx City Councilman Rafael Salamanca Junior took to Twitter trying to slam Brooklyn Councilmembers Lincoln Restler and Shahana Hanif for their position on “defunding the police.”

“I challenge far left dems @LincolnRestler & @CMShahanaHanif (representing the wealthiest communities in NYC) to come to Hunts Point/Longwood & address my community on how defunding @NYPDnews @NYPDPBBronx is a positive thing to ensure their safety. #cometothesouthBX,” the February 8th tweet reads.

This critique relies on demonstrably false cliches that do nothing but try and negate one side of the conversation from happening at all.

A 2014 report from the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness, based off of data stemming from 2009 to 2013 found that 29.3 percent of people in 33rd council district (currently represented by Lincoln Restler) earned below the federal poverty level. More recent data from the city, measured by community districts, found that Greenpoint and Williamsburg found that 40.3 percent of residents live at or near city poverty levels.

Salamanca tweets were nothing more than mindless pandering. If there’s a discussion, have it. In earnest. If you really cared about them showing up, you probably should have sent an email rather than score internet points.

Otherwise you can shut up with the snarky tweets before you try and write off our communities.

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