Tent and Marquee rentals for parties

Marquees are a hybrid of the pole tent and the frame tent. They are designed to give you the showiness of a high pitched pole tent with the benefits of installation from a frame tent. They are available in multiple colors and in an assortment of small sizes.

Various types of Marquee Tools available for party rentals are Rectangular marquee, Elliptical marquee, Single Row Marquee, Single Column Marquee.

Marquees are considered temporary structures, so in many cases, planning permission is not required. However, there are some circumstances where permission may be needed. This includes if the marquee is going to be in place for more than 28 days, or if it’s going to be used for a commercial event.

If there’s no space required for dining, the following guest numbers should fit into marquees as follows (also allowing space for a dance floor): 50 – 60 guests – 6 x 9m clearpsan marquee with 12’x12′ 75 – 110 guests – 9 x 12m clearspan marquee with 15’x15′ 110 – 150 guests – 9 x 15m clearspan marquee with 15’x21.

How do you light a marquee at night?

Festoon Lighting: traditional large bulb lights can be strung in the roof space below the marquee linings on a dimmer switch. By day or night it adds atmosphere and works really well with flat marquee linings as shown below.

Marquee is a strict 21+ years of age venue. A valid physical ID is required. International guests must bring a physical passport.

PE (polyethylene) is a waterproof material, often being used for tarpaulins or groundsheets, but for marquees the seams are sewn together and sealed with liquid PE. Poly/PVC is a polyester canvas with a PVC coating on the inside, meaning it’s highly waterproof.

If you have a 3m x 6m marquee, they have 6 legs, so you’ll need a minimum of 6 x sets of weights. So a for a 3x3m to be safe at 60km/h wind speed, you’ll require 30kg per leg ( 2 x 15kg weights), so 4 legs x 2 weights per leg = 8 weights required.

Indirect heaters are the most effective at heating up large spaces quickly and for a sustained period of time. Usually powered by oil/diesel and are similar to ducted heaters in that they sit outside the marquee and the warm air is ducted in to the side of the marquee.

Alternatives to a Marquee for a Wedding — the Choices

  • Tipi.
  • Yurt.
  • Sailcloth tent.
  • Geodome.

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