BRIC offers platform for artistic expression

Jelani Johnson, Master Control Operator showcasing BRIC’s public network channels. Photo by Mohamed Farghaly

By Mohamed Farghaly

For over four decades, BRIC has long been an essential part of Brooklyn’s cultural

landscape, providing creative stimulation and community engagement at its center.

BRIC serves as a non-profit energetic gathering point where individuals come to

express themselves artistically, explore media concepts, or simply build connections

within their local community.


The mission of the Brooklyn art space has been the same since its founding in 1979,

and that includes helping produce contemporary visual and performing art, media

production, and civic action. Their goal has long been to have a hand in shaping

Brooklyn’s cultural and media landscape as a creative accelerator and providing

programs and initiatives for artists of all ages to participate.


“BRIC is the hub for community media in Brooklyn and a public access media center,

but we are also an arts and culture organization,” said Martiza Carmona, Director of

Government Affairs. “And I think that’s what makes us really unique. It is the

only model of its kind in New York City.”


In the 2022-23 season, BRIC made a significant impact, engaging 170,092

individuals through their diverse range of events and programs. Their reach

extended far beyond Brooklyn, reaching 44 states and 14 countries through multi-

platform initiatives. Collaborating with 44 educational institutions and

organizations, alongside 30 teaching artists, they provided educational

opportunities to 4,168 Brooklyn students and involved 539 community producers

through Brooklyn Free Speech, culminating in a win and five nominations at the NY



Visitors will discover an exciting environment at BRIC House, the primary venue of

this institution, featuring media centers accessible to the public, galleries dedicated

to contemporary art, TV studios equipped with state-of-the-art filming equipment,

performance areas and workspaces for artists and public media centers – making

BRIC an integral part of Brooklyn culture and society for decades.


“We have a massive production team that are trained, producers, directors,

technicians, audio engineers, in house, we have all of that talent in house,” Carmona

said. “And a lot of that talent has come up through our community media arm,

because we have trained them, they have taken our classes, they have been certified

here, and then we hire them.”


The art hub prides itself on its dedication to diversity, inclusion and equity as seen

through its efforts to foster environments which recognize, respect and celebrate all

human beings. Through partnerships with government agencies, corporate partners

and foundations, BRIC receives wide support for its programs and missions.


BRIC’s workforce initiatives aim to strengthen communities and individuals alike

through providing practical skills training in media production, digital literacy and

arts education – providing practical skills training programs designed to address

pressing social issues while aiding underserved populations.


BRIC provides an essential link between arts, media, and community development –

the arts as a source of cultural enrichment – and public dialogue to foster belonging

and connections across diverse communities in Brooklyn. Through public dialogues,

cultural exchange, artistic expression and artistic performances; BRIC continues to

enrich our cultural landscape.


The organization stands out as an institution committed to shaping Brooklyn’s

creative future creatively, serving as its premier arts, media, and education

institution, one of the only of its kind.


“As a leading arts and culture institution anchored in Brooklyn, BRIC fosters an

evolving workplace focused on the growth of our staff while developing arts, media,

and cultural programs that reflect our core values,” said Wes Jackson, President of BRIC. “We embrace curiosity and wisdom to leverage the expertise of our diverse

staff and community members and embody our commitment to the arts and



BRIC prides itself on its ability to quickly adapt and evolve in response to shifting

cultural, societal and demographic dynamics, including technological innovation and

demographic shifts. BRIC strives to stay at the forefront of innovation and

inclusivity initiatives to maintain relevance and impact throughout its region.


The non-profit remains dedicated to education as one of its core missions, working

closely with schools, youth organizations, and community centers across New York

City to offer arts and media instruction for children of all ages to explore their

creative side while developing essential life skills.


BRIC also hosts events and activities outside its core programming that cater to

audiences of all kinds and interests, from film screenings and panel discussions,

workshops, artist talks and more – something is always happening at BRIC that

inspires, educates and entertains.


Their most recent initiative is the ‘Aftermath’, a strategic partnership and space rental that explores the

interplay between data and art, inviting artists to delve into the aftermath of

historical events through the lens of information collected and interpreted, shedding

light on how these narratives shape our understanding of the past, present, and



At BRIC, enrolled artists benefit from a range of services, from media production

training to access to state-of-the-art facilities, all provided free of charge through

their 17 million dollar annual budget. They rely upon the support of individuals,

foundations and government agencies for its operations as a nonprofit organization.

Their contributions of funds or time help deliver its vital work while expanding its



BRIC stands out as more than just a cultural institution – it serves as an engine of

creativity, community building and social transformation. Through innovative

programs, inclusive approaches and unyielding commitment to excellence it

enriches countless individuals while adding vibrancy and vitality to Brooklyn. To

learn more about BRIC, please visit


“BRIC is committed to creating environments that honor, respect, and celebrate the

humanity of all people,” Jackson said. “We support our artistic and creative

communities in their efforts to affect positive social change in Brooklyn and




BRIC President Wes Jackson emphasizes BRIC’s dedication to creativity, diversity
and social impact both locally and beyond the borders of Brooklyn.