St. Stanislaus Annual 5k Race Returns for 29th Year

By Oona Milliken |

Under blue skies and in crisp fall weather, St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy held their 29th annual five kilometer race on Sunday Oct. 15. The day kicked off with a children’s races, ranging from three years old to 12-years old, in the morning at 10:30 a.m and the adults began their 5k run at 2 p.m. Logan Yu came in first this year with a 17 minute 31 second finish, while basketball player Travis Atson came in second only 24 seconds later. Third overall in the race, and the first woman to finish, was Suzie Clinchy at 19 minutes and 33 seconds.

Frank Carbone with the young racers. Photo credit: Oona Milliken

After almost 30 years of racing, the proceeds go to supporting St. Stan’s with any needs that they might have, according to Frank Carbone, President of the school. Carbone said good weather was the key to having a successful event.

“You’ve got a beautiful day, that’s the key to it. As you can see, it’s a massive production. A lot of pieces have to fall into play, but somehow every year we manage to pull it off,” Carbone said.

Carbone said it was important to hold fundraising events such as the race because St. Stan’s was a smaller private school. He also said he wanted to reach the broader community in hosting the race.

“For us to be a smaller school and a private school, I’d like to think we put on a nice job. We put on one of the best productions in the city. I’m not just trying to boast,” Carbone said. “It’s not just the school community but we’re opening the neighborhood.”

Gabrielle Sikorksi, a former student at St. Stan’s and a volunteer for the event, said she has been volunteering for the event for the past five years. She graduated from St. Stan’s in 2013 and said she loved volunteering because the school, and the Greenpoint neighborhood, has been important to her growing up.

“The school did a lot for me, all my siblings go here,” Sikroski said. “Greenpoint is an amazing neighborhood and I love living here.”

Contestants starting the race. Photo credit Oona Milliken

Hippolito Almonte, an 86-year old contestant in the race, could be found stretching at various points throughout the day in preparation for the 5k event. Almonte said he felt fantastic about the race and had been training in Central Park to get ready. He said he did not have any children at St. Stan’s (Almonte is pushing 90) but loved racing in general. Almonte came in 23rd in the race with a 23 minute 4 second finish.

“Look at me. Kids? No, no kids,” Almonte said. “I love races.”

Carbone said the school was hoping to raise anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000 but would not know the final amount garnered until days after the race. He said the school had to be self-sufficient because they did not receive funding from the state like public schools. Instead, St. Stan’s looks to donations from the community, as well as support from sponsors, to cover costs throughout the school year.

Young boys running in the children’s races. Photo credit Oona Milliken

“We’re relying on our fundraising, we have to be self-sufficient,” Carbone said. “We couldn’t do it without our volunteers, we had about 50 volunteers that helped us in many ways, about 30 sponsors that help us, and of course, all the kids and families and everybody that just came out and had a great day.”

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