Missing funds

Dear Editor,
Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer proudly boasted how he has delivered $10 billion in new Federal Transit Administration funding to the MTA.
He said these funds will pay for the federal share of the $12 billion Gateway Tunnel, $6.9 billion Second Avenue Subway Phase 2, $8 billion Penn Station South and $1.5 billion Metro North Bronx Penn Station Access.
What’s missing from his grand announcement is any reference to the $10 billion Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel, $8 billion Rockaway LIRR branch restoration, $5 billion Utica Avenue Subway extension, $3.7 billion Brooklyn/Queens Street Car Connector, $3.5 billion Red Hook Subway extension, $3 billion Triboro X Bronx/Queens/Brooklyn subway line, $2.2 billion Light Rail between Jamaica and Long Island City, $100 million Flushing Intermodal Bus Terminal and $40 million for reopening the Woodhaven Boulevard LIRR Station closed in 1982.
This confirms that funding for these projects will end up being delayed until the next MTA 2025-2029 or 2030-2034 Five Year Capital Plan.
There is no evidence that most of these project are included in the MTA 2020-2040 Capital Needs Assessment Plan. Former Governor Andrew Cuomo and the MTA promised to release this document in December 2019.
Twenty-one months later, riders, transit advocate, taxpayers, and elected officials are still waiting for this critical document to see the light of day.
Larry Penner
Great Neck

Why go back?

Dear Editor,
Many office buildings in Manhattan remain mostly vacant due to COVID-19. The continued reluctance of many office workers to return to the city is going to be a longterm effect that will cause economic problems for the city.
Many workers prefer to continue working from the safety of their homes, and who can blame them? This city is not very safe right now.
It is going to take many months for anything resembling pre-pandemic normalcy to ever return to Manhattan, and that is indeed very sad for a once great, vibrant and exciting city.
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

Don’t share

Dear Editor,
As a former 30-year Social Security employee and currently an Accredited Disability
Representative, I have seen many changes that have impacted the approval of disability benefit applications.
The government is becoming very interested in your social media accounts, such as
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.
Surprised? Do not be surprised. The individuals who are deciding whether you are
disabled from your job want to see whether you are actually too impaired to work.
Although, at this time, they may not be able to use this information as a reason for denial, they can certainly be influenced by your behavior that is out there
for all to see.
If you share photographs and posts showing your ability to play ball, shovel snow or fish, you are advertising that you are not too physically impaired to
perform work.
Please be aware of what you put on the internet for all to see.
Dale A. Masur
Accredited Social Security Disability Representative

GOP insanity

Dear Editor,
Republicans claim President joe Biden was an embarrassment because he closed his eyes for a short time during a meeting. Let me know when he suggests drinking bleach, stares at the sun during an eclipse or orchestrates an insurrection.
Meanwhile Donald Trump was asked if it was right for the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6 to chant “hang Mike Pence.” His answer? “It’s common sense.”
It’s common sense to hang the vice president of the U.S. for not illegally overturning a presidential election?
Robert LaRosa, Sr.

104th Precinct Police Blotter (11/01/2021-11/7/2021)

Monday, Nov. 1
Nicole Meyer was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for aggravated harassment by Detective Fogus.
Jeffrey Cordero was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for aggravated harassment by Detective Moon.
Victor Gomez was arrested at Linden Street and Fairview Avenue for criminal possession of a weapon by Detective Wright.
Reinaldo Carrion-Cruz was arrested at 1031 Seneca Avenue for misdemeanor assault by Officer Claybrooks.

Tuesday, Nov. 2
Nothing to Report

Wednesday, Nov. 3
Oscar Ramiro was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for misdemeanor assault by Detective Scrimenti.
Marlon Smart was arrested at Vermont Place and Cypress Avenue for aggravated unlicensed operator by Officer Kollbeck.
Juan Asmal was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for aggravated contempt by Detective Moon.
Barbra Podolak was arrested at 2016 Palmetto Street for obstruction of governmental administration by Officer Chowdhury.
Jan Podolak was arrested at 2016 Palmetto Street for aggravated contempt by Officer Chowdhury.
Ashraf Sayed was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for criminal mischief by Officer Alban.
Byron Villacres was arrested at 64-16 68th Avenue for menacing by Officer Antigua.

Thursday, Nov. 4
Orlando Marrero was arrested at 60-67 Myrtle Avenue for reckless endangerment by Officer Gutierrez.
Bulent C. Corumlu was arrested at 62-60 Woodhaven Boulevard for misdemeanor assault by Officer Nicacci.
Andres Alberto-Reyes was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for leaving the scene of an accident with injury by Detective Bublin.
Rukayat Idowu was arrested at 1069 Wyckoff Avenue for misdemeanor assault by Officer Arfeen.
Breanna Kingwood was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for felony assault by Officer Whyte.

Friday, Nov. 5
Henry Acevedo was arrested at 82-35 Woodhaven Boulevard for petit larceny by Officer Durham.
Robert Velasquez was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for menacing by Detective Gerardi.
Handerson Diaz was arrested at 60-16 Myrtle Avenue for petit larceny by Officer Batista.

Saturday, Nov. 6
Jose Diaz was arrested at 291 Onderdonk Avenue for criminal possession of a weapon by Officer DiMatteo.
Erik Olszewski was arrested at Fresh Pond Road and Madison Street for criminal contempt byOfficer Chowdhury.

Sunday, Nov. 7
Andres Lopez was arrested at 675 Seneca Avenue for reckless endangerment by Officer Armond.
Wilmar Valencia Jaramillo was arrested at Penelope Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard for forcible touching by Officer Libberos.

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