‘Rotation Garden’ for once-barren traffic circle

An intersection in Lindenwood received a colorful makeover.
The new public art installation incorporates colorful seasonal plantings to beautify and improve the traffic circle at the intersection of 153rd Avenue and 88th Street.
It was created by Queens Botanical Garden (QBG) and the artist team Combo Colab in partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOT), Councilman Eric Ulrich, and the Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic Association.
The installation, which was funded by a $38,500 grant from Ulrich to QBG, will remain in the traffic circle for 364 days.
“It was lots of brick and asphalt, not much more,” said Ulrich of the intersection. “This pop-up art installation will bring nature and a wonderful artistic display to a once empty eyesore.”
Rotation Garden creates a focal point where art and plantings are woven together to be contemplated from every angle.
The installation encourages discovery from afar and a new landscape emerges from within the circle, a structure of wonder, a counterpart to the existing towering trees wrapping the roundabout.
Plantings with popping colors flood the base ring and accentuate the movement. Rhythms of painted surfaces on the wood sync with the planting palette and add a kinetic layer enhancing the interaction with the pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike.
“With the help of the Queens Botanical Garden and Combo Colab, ‘Rotation Garden’ adds color and greenery to transform the street into an inviting and attractive amenity for residents and passersby,” said Queens DOT Commissioner Nicole Garcia.
Last week’s ceremony to welcome the installation was also bittersweet for Ulrich. The councilman’s budget director, Matthew Pecorino, passed away suddenly on June 30 at the age of 40.
“This was one of the last projects Matt worked on in my office,” Ulrich said. “He worked very hard on making sure this particular item got into the New York City budget, so I’m glad to remember him today.”

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