Different day

Dear Editor,
Columbus Day is now also called Indigenous People’s Day. Why can’t that holiday be on a different day?
If people want this additional holiday, then it should be celebrated on a different day, not on October 11. We Italian Americans are proud of celebrating Columbus Day, and nothing should ever change that.
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

Columbus dismissal

Dear Editor,
The Department of Education has eliminated Columbus Day as a school holiday. Instead, October 11th, will be known as Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day.
I find this act by DOE most troubling.
I’m grand knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911 in Douglaston, and support the fact that Christopher Columbus, with his faults like the rest of humanity, opened up a new world with unlimited possibilities.
Our organization was founded in 1882 by Father Michael McGivney to help immigrants. I believe Christopher Columbus should be remembered for the good things he accomplished and not the negative.
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

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