LTE: Pols must ensure Medicare Advantage is fully funded

Dear Editor,
As we age, the importance of maintaining our health becomes increasingly paramount. This often brings new concerns for many seniors like me, especially about being able to afford the necessary care to sustain our quality of life. Fortunately, Medicare Advantage has supported me in addressing these concerns.

When I had to get my kidney removed a few years ago, my doctor prescribed five medications to take daily. I was immediately concerned about how the cost of these medications would affect my finances. Fortunately, my Medicare Advantage plan included prescription drug coverage, so I was able to afford the medications I needed. Since then, I have been able to access a large network of providers to help me navigate life after surgery. These doctors have been remarkable in helping me stay healthy, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a low monthly premium and all out-of-pocket expenses are capped. The top-notch value that Medicare Advantage provides is truly immeasurable. And I’m not the only one. Nearly 2 million New Yorkers, including seniors and people with disabilities, count on this program for their health care coverage. With rising costs in mind, I hope that leaders will see just how important access to quality care at an affordable price is to me and many other seniors. That is why I encourage them to work together to ensure Medicare Advantage is fully funded.

Diane Sanders
East New York