Fragmented left
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Dear Editor,

The solution to the plethora of Leftist parties and movements is to be found in Vladimir Lenin's 1902 work, What Is to Be Done?

Only a vanguard party with a centralized leadership and revolutionary theory

and practice is necessary for the development of an American social


As Antonio Gramsci has theorized, bourgeois parties, such as the Democratic

Party, are merely counter hegemonic proponents of reform initiatives in

the social economy, but maintain the bourgeois hegemony intact in terms

of the cultural, political and legal superstructure.

Only the Russian Bolsheviks were able to transform society towards socialism by

democratic centralism of the Communist Party through the Peoples


Lenin retained trade unions, but political power resided in the soviets and the Politburo.

I warned that movements such as Occupy Wall Street were doomed because of their weak leadership and nebulous socio-economic platform full of sound and fury.

If genuine socialist transformation of American society is to become a reality, we need a new Social Democratic Party of America, which is conscious of

Marxism-Leninism, both in its successes and failures.

Mere reliance on Constitutional law, or law in general, to revolutionize any society is insufficient. Look at the fiasco of Constitutional procedure in Congress to impeach President Donald Trump.


Joseph N. Manago

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