Ice 'Scream'
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Dear Editor,

Is spring cleaning taking place at my local supermarket? The aisles are often clogged with workers moving products and crowding the aisles with shopping carts, milk crates, and shelving, making shopping akin to running a gauntlet.

My favorite aisle, the ice cream aisle, was not spared this confounded treatment. I saw gazillions of cones and pops and fruity treats that would make for some “Good Humor,” but this scene was anything but funny. Why aren't more people helping, I wondered?

It seemed to me that more people should be working on this ice cream reset so that the ice cream is not sitting out and melting all day. Their philosophy must be what's the big deal if the ice cream melts and customers can barely move in the aisle.

And what's all the excitement in the health and beauty aid aisle? It's the nightmarish deodorant reset. Holy “Right Guard,' the Secret is out! Don't even “Axe” what a horror it is to do this reset. I'm sure the workers would “Ban” it if they could.

How do I know so much about these resets? I have a confession: I'm a member of one of these merchandising teams who do this heinous work. An unappreciated, thankless, underpaid, redundant and usually unnecessary job. Does every item need to be moved and every shelf need to be adjusted about every 12 weeks?

I eventually helped out in this ice cream quagmire several hours later. I was resetting some dairy creamers and then making room for new products in the baking and pet aisles. Of course somebody decided it had to be done the same day while the ice cream sat out of the freezers for hours melting.

Personally, I think it is insane and borderline criminal to subject workers and shoppers to such lunacy. My sincere sympathies to Breyer's, Edy's, Friendly's, HaagenDazs, Ben and Jerry and other of my favorites.


Mark Lane

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