Families say seniors in Brooklyn facility without heat, hot water
by Jess Berry
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The elderly residents of assisted living facility Prospect Park Residence (PPR) were back in court last week, following continued issues with heat and hot water that have family members worried about the health of their loved ones.

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports from the remaining eight residents at PPR and their families that hot water has either been non-existent or scalding, and that heat in the building has been sporadic.

Days at a time have gone by without hot water for the seniors, and on Christmas night residents found that the heat in the building had been completely turned off.

The horrendous conditions are nothing new at the facility, which has been in the throes of numerous court hearings for the past nine months after building owner Haysha Deitsch attempted to evict over 120 seniors living there.

The remaining eight residents in court won their right to stay, at least until a settlement is worked out between them, Deitsch, the real estate company that has already signed a contract to buy the building once the seniors are gone, and the state Department of Health (DOH).

While negotiations are worked out, DOH is supposed to monitor conditions at the facility to ensure that Deitsch continues to provide a good quality of life for the residents.

But for many months, family members have contended that DOH has failed to keep the seniors safe. This latest issue with heat and hot water is just one of many complaints that DOH has failed to address in the building.

"I submit that the Department of Health has long ago disqualified themselves as an appropriate monitor of the conditions in the building or of the health and safety of the residents,” said one family member, who asked to remain anonymous.

The family member called for a new monitor “so that our loved ones need not suffer any longer under these revolting conditions."

That request may be answered at another court hearing set for the end of January, but in the meantime, a hearing last week led to an order from Judge Wayne Saitta to immediately provide and regulate hot water at the facility.

“There cannot be no hot water,” said Judith Goldiner, an attorney for the elderly residents. “We were very concerned about the residents.”

Goldiner said that a number of other stipulations that the judge previously set forth are not being followed — including fixing leaky ceilings and a lack of programmed activities for the seniors — but that the hot water was the most pressing issue and needed to be addressed immediately.

She said she and her clients may be back in court again before the end of the month if the poor conditions continue.

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reality check
January 15, 2015
Iv'e been following this story for some time now and i am starting to believe that the family members of these 8 are simply looking to extort money from these "greedy" landlords for their own personal gain. It's no news to them that the conditions at the building are deplorable. If you sincerely cared about the safety and well being of your elders, you would have moved them out long ago, just as 120 other families did. At this point it is only a matter of time (and money) until a settlement is reached, based on the complaints you are bringing against the landlord, it sounds that each and every day that your loved ones are still at this building, you are putting their lives are in danger. if it's that bad, bring them into your own home or find them another facility... smells like all you want is money (just like the landlord), but the life of your loved ones are at risk... shame on you for playing with their lives for a little a payout.
Get the Facts...
January 15, 2015
Your observations are faulty as they would have to be from a distance.

The remaining eight residents are too fragile to be moved...Those who did move were frightened and coerced into leaving in what was a self serving manipulation to get them out post haste...most succumbed and several died along the way as a direct result...many are disconsolate and have yet to adjust to a new place...all are geographically far from there loved ones...there is no choice.

Some who originally moved to PPR with the avowal (DOH "compliance") to be able to age in place are now at the point where they would have no choice but to be moved to a nursing home...abysmal...a death sentence...

You'd be better served looking into facts...the fact that the DOH is flawed thanks to inept legislators who allow complicit mismanagement of "certified" ALF's...you'd be more accurate if you challenged the owner who was running down the building and diminishing it's services long before the eviction in a constructive fraud scheme...you'd have more of a case if you understood that going forward, all elders who plan to age here in NYC and who may even have a few bucks, have NO one to turn to for accountability as long as the DOH and the wild west of Brooklyn real estate interests call the shots.

The culprits are in fact those you chose to exempt. Learn about this issue..who knows, you may even help yourself along the way.