Rais a glass to new breweries
by Anthony Stasi
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As someone who has followed Queens’ economic state for almost 20 years, the sudden entry of microbreweries in the borough is good news.

Craft beers have been a part of Brooklyn’s revitalization; a symbol of new economic growth. As a borough, Queens is even better designed to house such businesses. There is simply more space and it is easier for trucks to get around.

While reports suggest that the growth among beer consumed is not skyrocketing, it is not going down either. The production of beer has not been a part of this city for a long time. When it was, however, the city was in better economic straits.

With new, smaller breweries popping up in places like Long Island City, this bodes well for Queens. It means production jobs are a possibility, and that is good for the middle class.

Beer is not the same as software and Brooklyn and Queens are not going to turn into the Silicon Valley because of craft beer. What matters the most about these craft breweries being in our boroughs is that they symbolize a return to jobs that actually produce something.

This economy cannot sustain itself with people working solely in the service industry and government. New York City once housed a few major breweries, which it lost to New Jersey and the south. This is a chance to win some of that back.

The other added advantage to small businesses like microbreweries setting up camp is that they sell the neighborhood along with the product. Beer drinkers always talk about where beer is made, and beer makers want you to know it too.

Foster’s spends a lot of money telling you that their name is “Australian for beer.” Brooklyn and Queens get good visibility when something gets produced here. It means that not only does the product give people a buzz, but the brand creates one as well.

Producing beer involves a lot more than just a few college friends looking to do something noteworthy. If successful, they employ delivery people; beer is extremely sensitive to bacteria, so just having teams to clean the machinery is another set of permanent jobs.

This is the kind of business that local government has to embrace. We do not want to lose these guys again.

Modern Employment

More and more employers are asking applicants to possess social media expertise. There is no definitive way to define such a skill-set, so it varies according to whoever is asking.

Along with basic math, science, and history as part of our educational agenda, we may need to introduce new ways to utilize technology. For instance, any student can go to Youtube and learn Excel. They can become analytical experts – for free.

Do most of them do it? See how many views a “skills tutorial” gets compared to that of a baby panda sneezing and you realize that this, too, needs to be taught.

In fact, when it comes to early education, let’s just play it safe and say that everything needs to be taught. As for us older folks, these are skills we are going to need if we want to replace the Baby Boomer generation in high level positions.

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