Group proposes homeless shelter in Carroll Gardens
by Andrew Pavia
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The southern end of Carroll Gardens might be getting a few new neighbors as Housing Solutions U.S.A./Aguila is looking to open a homeless shelter at 165 West 9th Street.

On October 4, Community Board 6 was made aware in a letter that the proposal would be pushed by the group. According to the letter, the shelter will provide services to 170 single men.

CB6 Chairman Daniel Kumer at the board's meeting last week and said he was surprised by the news. “The plan does not require input from Community Board 6, nor from elected officials,” he said. “There is no public review.”

The project is being authorized under a rule that allows the city to declare a homeless emergency situation, which means that the community only has to be notified within 30 days of a shelter's opening. Local residents or the community board have no input in the process.

An informational meeting has been scheduled for Oct. 24, at 6:30 p.m., at a location yet to be determined. Representatives from both Housing Solutions USA/Aguila and the Department of Homeless Services have been invited to attend.

In a written statement, Councilman Brad Lander said that homeless shelters are important because homelessness is on the rise, “but homeless shelters need to be sited in locations that make sense.”

Lander noted that the shelter would be located in a building that was meant to be a 10-unit condo complex located on a block made up of predominately three-story homes.

“I do not understand how the proposed shelter could fit responsibly into the building, or how the dramatically increased population would fit into the block and surrounding area,” he said.

Members of the Carroll Gardens community are circulating a petition opposing the shelter and demanding input in the process.

Representatives from Housing Solutions USA/Aguila did not respond to inquires for comment.

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Greg Wolfe
October 21, 2012
How is there legislation even available that says a city can use whatever housing available if there is a homeless "emergency" ?

This block is surrounded by a school and hundreds of working families.

Hang out on West 9th and Court st. and count the amount of families that walk by in 2 hours,

The fact that nothing is being said about these single homeless men, a) Are they veterans b) are they mentally ill c) are they working?

Is this organization going to provide for the block??? Or the city going to provide police detail ????

How can this happen with absolutely no regard to the HIGH tax paying people of this neighborhood????