A nation of idiots
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Dear Editor:

I was reading the letters to the editor in the Daily News and I now know what’s wrong with America: we are a nation of idiots.

With the serious problems that our country has - such as getting rid of the American Mafia known as the Federal Reserve which is robbing us blind, or the Federal and State debts that are unpayable without run-away inflation or default, to wars in four countries and planning for a fifth war, to runaway health care caused by our congress, for the Supreme Courts failure to defend the Constitution - we are only interested in the fact that Bradley Cooper is or is not the “Sexiest Man in the World.”

That title is so stupid that it should not deserve one minute of thought, but to excite people enough to take their precious time to write letters and circulate petitions on the internet for such a dumb idea is frightening.

Wake up America, the sky is falling.


John Procida

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