Slow Computer Fix- Not As Complicated As It Looks
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Computers have become a necessity of today’s life. Whether you are a student or a professional, everybody needs a computer to do even the most basic tasks of everyday’s life. Now presentations, calculations, stocks etcetera all area managed by computers. Faster and faster computers are being churned out by the companies to compete in the market. But sometimes, even the fastest computers have problems while booting up or loading up the applications. In these cases many people blame the computer hardware or other component but the real problem is in contrast to this. This slow computer fix is widespread and few know the reason behind it and the way to prevent it.

The worst nightmare for a computer user is a slow computer. Slow computer does not means a computer which has low specifications and runs low but a computer having adequate specifications but still booting up slowly or taking time to load up the heavy applications. This problem is mainly caused by numerous boot up applications installed on to the system. These applications boot up when you start the computer. If there are many applications on the startup then the computer would become slow. The first thing that should be kept in mind in doing the slow computer fix is that minimize the number of startup programs. The lesser number of these programs the faster the system would boot up.

Secondly, most of the computer users install many unwanted programs on to the system. When they find these programs unnecessary they simply delete it. This must be kept in mind that deleting the program the files of the programs are deleted from one of the several directories. The program must be properly uninstalled from the system otherwise it would create problems for the user. So, the user must use the application removal tool of the windows or the uninstalling tool supplied with the program in the slow computer fix. In this way the program would be completely removed from the system and no problem would be faced by the user.

Another big reason for the slowing up of the computers is the deleting of some system files accidently by the user. Some of the users, who try to remove the virus or other unwanted files manually, delete these files from the directories and from other directories. Sometimes, they delete the system files along with the unwanted files. In this way the Operating system is slowed down. In this way the users are left with no other option than to re-install the windows or repair it. So, the users must never try to delete the files himself.

The verdict is that the computer users must use uninstalling tools for the removal of programs. Moreover the computer user must not install the unwanted programs on to the system. In this way, the user would not just slow up the system but, also make the computer vulnerable to viruses and malwares due to the installation of many unknown programs. Thirdly, never delete the system files yourself. You would end up damaging the operating system. these are the tips for slow computer fix.

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