How to repair a slow computer ?
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Computer users must be ready to challenge the fact that any moment, the machine will slow down. The older it is, the higher the possibility that the system will slow down. So what are the predominant factors why a machine likes to slow down? Well, one factor can be connected to the effects and the actions of hackers, viruses and spy ware. Once a computer operating system become attacked by these malicious virus, then the system starts to slow down. So one when that occurs you have no other resort but to carry out certain kind of repair. Slow operating systems affected by Trojans and viruses can be tackled by running many anti-virus applications that can be free and that can be purchased.  To productively fix slow computer operating system, you have to memorize that its slow execution is not always connected to malware. The slow execution of the machine can also be connected to corrupt system files, disk errors, disk fragmentation or the installation of so many start up applications. Other errors include unwanted applications and services working and not enough random access memory in the machine. And as the machine and the operating system gets older and the machine is already filled with more and more applications and files, then the system has now the drift to slow down.  And your response must be to carry out some slow computer fix. Slow machine must be cleaned by.

This can be carried out perfectly by efficiently removing the rarely or never used software and programs and you can also move the old files and some data to an external device such as flash drive or to CD. The time you already moved the data and files out the machine, then it is recommended that you switch on the Disk clean up and let this to scan the operating system for files removed. And try to ensure that you do not remove the saved folder. In order to carry out slow computer fix, you want also to verify the unwanted running applications and services. The simulation program that you transferred may be fine, but if this is exceptionally played then might as well take off the application to lower the work of the system. Fine tune the basic software and programs inside your system by manually performing that or by utilizing third party application.

When you think about slow computer fix, bear in mind that a disk corruption can be the error as well. You can tackle that by verifying for disk issues by productively switching on the CHKDSK command line tool or one can perform that from the recovery console. For a slow computer fix, also verify the missing, altered or any damaged critical files by running the system file checker. This slow computer fix analyzer is vital in a sense that once it finds the protected file has been corrupted, changed or missing then system will try to restore the right version of the file. In order to run this program, simply ensure that you log in as an administrator. Defragging the machine for slow computer fix can also do the same but handle with care when performing this kind of repair.

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October 11, 2011
My computer slowed down 3 months after I bought it and I had no idea what to do. Instead of a pricey repair shop I downloaded and it was the best choice I've ever made!