Crash Fixing Google Chrome Browser
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Most computer users consider Google chrome to be a highly sophisticated web browser that is stable and easily available in the technology market. This browser is specifically designed to give you the best internet browsing experience. Lately a significant number of windows users have reportedly raised issues that this browser crashes repeatedly.  This is mostly attributed to periodic failures by the preinstalled flash players and hence you are unable to browse properly.

 As a computer user if you happen to find yourself faced with such a scenario, then you will have to completely uninstall this browser. It is important that windows users generally understand the entire process of how to uninstall Google chrome. Damage of some chrome files, incorrect windows settings and even corrupted registry are among the main reasons why your Google chrome on your computer is likely to crash.

Incase you are caught unaware and your browser crashes without any prior notice, the first step in correcting this is to organize your computer system before you go ahead, and uninstall Google chrome from your computer.  First of all, it is advisable that you reboot your computer as this allows the operating system to refresh its settings. If this does not rectify the problem with the browser, it is then that you go ahead and uninstall Google chrome from your computer system.

Once you have uninstalled Google chrome, download it afresh and save it on your computer for future use. Once you have successfully installed a new copy of this browser, remove add-ons and plug-ins as it is believed that too many extensions are a potential factor that may crash the browser. Uninstalling all these add-ons and plug-ins simply require you to launch your browser, access chrome://extension via the address bar then click on the uninstall option or disable and then restart your browser.

The Google chrome browser crash might also be because of some form of corruption of your browser profile. This can be corrected by simply accessing the default sub folder from your user data folder and then renaming the folder and finally restarting the browser. Google chrome is actually a sophisticated piece of software that is basically designed to make internet browsing more enjoyable. This is why a number of issues are bound to come up from different users and fixing this issues depend on a number of factors; this can also have varied approaches similar to the ones already stated in the above text or simply resorting to carrying out a complete system scan of your computer’s registry.

 This is considered to be very important as most of the browser’s vital files are kept delicate in this database where it is considered secure but equally susceptible to damage. The registry not only houses vital files for the chrome but for other equally important applications as well.  This is why a number of times your computer system will try as much as possible to read these files but cannot do so because it is mixed up. Most of the times, this is found to be the lead cause of file corruption and browser crashes or for a microsoft uninstaller


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