About Heur Trojan
by juliarmccroy2
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There are many types of malicious software that can infect your computer system. Some types of malware include viruses, worms, adware, spyware and trojans. For each type of malware, there are also several subtypes such as the heur trojan.

Heur trojan is just one variety of this particular parasite named after the Trojan Horse of Greek mythology. These threats act much like the Trojan Horse did, as invading malware hides away in files and programs that appear to be desirable and possibly even beneficial.

Every piece of malware is designed to operate somewhat differently, and heur trojan is no different. A very particular type of infection, it is beneficial to know about this parasite in order to remove it effectively.


There are several symptoms that may hint at this particular infection. Many of these symptoms are shared by other malware, and having these don’t necessarily mean that heur is indeed the parasite on your PC.

Internet browsing is one effected element. This malware can cause slow internet browsing. It may also reset your browser so that a different homepage will be displayed.

Some Windows settings may be changed and other instability may be noted. Your system may become slow and could even freeze up. Heur may also choose to redecorate and change your wallpaper.

Heur trojan also comes with some rogue antimalware; buying it won’t remove the malware. The “Dr. Watson” security alerts are fake, and if you buy the product, you will only give money to the people who control the infection on your PC.


This particular parasite is known for what it installs on your system. If your PC has this infection, additional malware will be installed. Other third party files will also become installed on the computer system.

This alureon trojan will also steal your sensitive data such as financial information and credit card data and send it out to those who control it. Heur also contains a keylogger that can help to swipe login credentials, and to monitor user’s activity. Some of this monitoring is done so that the included adware can display appropriate popup ads in the hope of making more money.


It is impossible to completely avoid infections such as this. More and more infections are constantly coming out and the scammers that put trojans out are becoming increasingly savvy. Even with the utmost care, you will surely stumble across one of these at some point.

Even if you come across heur, you don’t have to end up with an infected PC. There are plenty of products like PCKeeper that come with malware protection software to keep your computer safe. If you have a security suite on your system, you have much greater odds of avoiding trojans and deleting them immediately if they find a way onto your PC.

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