What has happened to our Society today?
by godfather
 What has happened to our society today?
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El Stupido
El Stupido
Interview with a man who did not want his name to appear for this story!

Believe it or not. There are woman in this Country for over twenty years already, and you wouldn’t believe how fortunate they are. They do not even know it. They think it is normal for them. They find a man, who caters to them hand and foot literally. When they are escorted to a car, the man places the seat belt on for them. The man cooks dinner, or brings food home for them. They rarely ever cook a meal. Let me go on, the man washes their clothes for them, drives them to get their nails and hair done. Some drive them to the Gym, or Doctors, or Therapy offices. Yes life is tough in America.

Some of these woman find jobs, and within 5 years go on disability and collect checks. Anything and everything to do absolutely nothing with their lives. But the man they found, the one who caters to them hand and foot, must also do things for the wives, or girlfriends family as well. You could search for a long time to find a man like this, but they do exist.

The man pays all the bills, earns all the money, and does 20 different jobs at the same time. Yes life is great for some, but some do not realize how lucky they really are. These woman do not read stories in the papers, magazines, or web sites, they are too busy doing nothing. It is though these woman hit Lotto and do not even know it. This is all true, for I know some like this, but what does it say about the man?

You can’t make this story up. Maybe it is hard to believe, but these scenario’s do exist.

Isn't love grand?


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