Sumatra Travel, Beauty Behind the Legend Attractions Lake Toba and Samosir Island
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Sumatra Travel, Lake Toba and Samosir Island | Indonesia is one country that has a myriad of interesting destinations to visit. Starting from the iceberg in Papua and the famous tourist Raja Ampat, the charm of the seabed in the Wakatobi, up to dozens of historic temples. Not quite up there, there are many more interesting tour in Indonesia. we will review one of the largest volcanic lake se - Southeast Asia and the deepest in the world. Precisely in the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Located at the coordinates of 3.58 ° North latitude and 98.67 ° east longitude. The lake is commonly known as "Lake Toba".

Lake Toba has a length of 100 km and a width of 30 km. With a depth of about 450 m. The extent of 1,145 square kilometers. This lake is one of the flagship attraction on the island of Sumatra. Because charm is very impressive, to be able to captivate the domestic and foreign tourists.

Lake Toba is stunning natural attractions. Cool air, coupled with the blue waters of the lake became a place of swimming fish - Batak. Surrounded by green pine trees that add to the tranquility of this place. In the middle stretch of the extent of Lake Toba, there is an island called Samosir Island. This is the island that also adds to the wonderful atmosphere at the Lake Toba. The island of Samosir almost equal to the area of ​​Singapore. Samosir Island also has two beautiful lakes, commonly known as Lake and Lake Aek Natonang Sidihoni. Samosir Island Samosir Batak inhabited by tribes. Now listed on Samosir Island population reached 580 428 inhabitants.

History / legend of Lake Toba and Samosir Island

According to research by geologists, Crater Lake Toba formed due to volcanic eruption of a super volcano. Which is believed to have occurred about 77 thousand years ago. The eruption is considered to be very powerful when compared to other volcanoes, up to thousands of times the normal eruption of the volcano. Almighty eruption resulted in climate change in the world.

Geologists said the eruption of Toba cause a drop in temperature in the world, reaching up to 5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, in nearly all parts of the world, discovered dust originating from this eruption. This is evidenced by a molecular structure similar volcanic ash up to 2100 points. Very surprising. Not only that, the dust is also found in the North Pole. This issue of the statement, how all-powerful the eruption of the volcano. Volcanic eruptions also believed to destroy around 60 percent of the world's population as well as other living creatures, so the trust is what causes the mass extinction at that time. The eruption that is believed to form a caldera that then filled with water, until now known as Lake Toba, the largest lake se - Southeast Asia and the deepest in the world. because of the pressure of magma that can not get out, eventually the middle - the middle of the lake appeared an island known by the name of the island.

But unlike the public trust of origin - the origin of the Lake Toba Sumatra and Samosir Island. Batak society has its own legend of the lake. Said that the story, in ancient times, in the area around Toba there is a very high and lofty mountain and break up the sky, it was very beautiful mountain. Around the volcano there is a small river valley wing.

There lived a poor young man and his fishing. This young man named Toba. In small streams that usually Toba fishing. One time, Toba fishing from morning until late afternoon, but did not get it the fish at all. Toba upset and despair. And when he hendah pancingnnya interesting to take home, Toba surprised, because there is an interesting hook. He immediately pulled, and it turns out that a very large gold fish even in failure by. Toba cheered by it. With feelings of pleasure, Toba return home with the gold fish.

Toba want to quickly catch the fish fry. However Toba startled because there is a call. "Hey lads". Toba search for the origin of the voice, but not found. "I'm here, gold fish your catch results", Toba immediately see it, and it's true, the fish could talk. Toba amazed - amazed by what he witnessed at the time. Fish said again "Do you eat akau youth. Put me in the hut is yours, and you may come up again three days after that. " Toba is not much to ask, he just followed the request of the gold fish. Toba put the fish in his small hut. Toba went home empty-handed. However Toba still ask - ask and wonder what happened.

Three days passed, Toba hardly wait to see the magic fish. Arriving there, he was struck again with the figure of a girl that is flawless. Toba was nervously ventured to greet him " you? ". The girl even then answered questions Toba with a melodious voice "I am a gold fish your catch results three days ago". Toba was amazed and in disbelief, but she was trying to convince him. She also explained that she was the daughter of the ruler of water called Nauli.

Because the girl was fascinated by the beauty of the gold fish, Toba was courting her. Daughter of the ruler of water and even then blushed and said "I want to be your wife". with half disbelief, Toba feel very happy. But she continues longer words "With the agreement, setelaah we get married, do not you call - call again from where I suggested, whatever happens. If you deny it, I'll go back to my original form and leave ". Toba was capable of and approve the agreement. and then took her home to marry.

After marriage they lived happily. Toba worked as a farmer and his wife is a housewife. after a long time in their life together, eventually Toba is shaken with kebar happy news that his wife was pregnant. Toba increasingly fond of his wife. Time passed, until his wife gave birth to a son - a man who was given the name of Samosir. Naidoo is a handsome boy, much like her mother. Samosir grow big and healthy. One time, Naidoo asked to deliver food to his father. He also agreed the request of his mother. With pleasure, he takes the food to the fields, where his father worked. But the middle of the trip, Samosir fall. Eating brought also fell. Samosir take and collect the food is.

After reaching the paddy fields, Samosir afraid to call his father. and then his father saw it and approached him. Samosir just bowed scared and did not say a word - any word to his father. Hungry, father rushed to open the food. His father was surprised to see the dirty food. He rebuked Samosir. "Bring food you put it this way incompetent, basic fry !!! ".

Samosir frightened and ran home. Arriving home he cried - tears as she recounted the incident happened yaang. Her mother was sad and angry at his father, because it has leverage - leverage his past. Nauli asked Naidoo to go to the mainland of the highest of the daaerah. He advised on Samosir, "There will be a big storm son, immediately run off and take care of yourself - good". "But Mom, I want to be with the mother" said Naidoo. "Do not you worry about a mother, a good mother - fine" replied the mother. Naidoo was finally willing to meet the demands of the mother, he ran with the hardness towards the mainland. Soon when Naidoo up to the top of the hill, there was a big storm and melt all the lands around. Heavy rain fell endlessly - constantly, making a huge lake. While Nauli back into the fish in the lake. The lake we are familiar with Lake Toba, sedangkaan plains occupied named Samosir island.

That's a little story about the origin - origin of Lake Toba. In addition to the story, there is a mystical thing that is still firmly held by the community around Lake Toba Batak. They believe, if the lake is inhabited by "namboru" which means the seven goddesses were believed to be the ancestors of Batak tribe. Usually before the ceremony, local people should be asked for permission beforehand in namboru.


Ruter Road to Lake Toba

A long journey if you want to enjoy the natural beauty that can be outside in the northern part of Sumatra island this, sumatra travel .You must have to prepare the material and physical to wade through this journey. Transit lanes nearest to visit Lake Toba is Medan.

So for those of you who come from out of town you can take a trip with Transit in Medan either in Kualanamu which is an international airport in Medan, or it could be a transit terminal for Sandpaper you use a landline.

From Medan can continue your journey to Lake Toba using Bus Damri to Simpang Kayu Besar, the facilities of the Bus is quite nice, equipped with the Ac and toilets in it, so do not fall asleep yaaaaa, hehehehehe. Arriving at Simpang Kayu Besar you must change the vehicle with another kendaraa the direction seals. Actually, there is also a provider of transportation services that you can rent by the route Medan - seals, but the price is rather quite expensive, yes comparable to the one with the services provided.

After reaching the seals, you can enjoy the view of Lake Toba atmosphere, but if you wish to go to the island of Samosir, you must cross using the ferry boat transportation purposes Siodang Tuktuk on the island of Samosir. This place is a strategic place to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba completely.


Activity Can Do in Lake Toba and Samosir Island

The scenery around Lake Toba is very beautiful. Surrounded by pine forests and waterfalls lined charming and warm water baths that will refresh you. In the waters of Lake Toba, inhabited by unique species of fish. Local people used to call the Fish Batak or scientific name Remis Toba (Corbicula tobae), which includes the type Lissochilus sumatranus and Labeobarbus soro, sumatra tours . A wide variety of fauna also inhabit the area around Lake Toba. In addition, the land around Lake Toba relatively fertile. There grows a wide variety of plants, ranging from pine trees to a wide variety of fruit trees. In addition, too many medicinal plants that thrive there, not infrequently you will find several types of flowers are gorgeous and beautiful.

Here you can perform activities - activities such as playing Jetsky, around the lake by boat, enjoy the challenge of climbing banana boot, watching the various dances local custom, watched the race boat, trying to challenge existing vehicle in Dana Toba, see the natural phenomenon of stone hanging and still many more that others, you can also walk - stroll around the villages in the island.

Two villages Samosir Island frequented by tourists is the village of Tomok and Tuktuk. Tomok is a village that has plenty of accommodation for tourists. While Tumuk is a village which has some important tourist to visit. Such as the Museum Batak, dance performances doll Sigale - gale which is a typical dance from the island of Samosir, as well as the final resting place of King Sidabutar. In addition, on Samosir Island you will find misty mountains and waterfalls. You will be welcomed by the hospitality masyaraakat Batak that make you feel at home - a long time in this place.

Residents around Lake Toba livelihood as farmers and fishermen. They rely on natural resources around settlements in the Lake Toba. They also always uphold the culture and traditions as well as local knowledge of Lake Toba. Their culture is strong and nuanced Batak. Around Lake Toba there are also several places visited by tourists pera. Balige, is one of the districts that is always crowded. Balige is Samosir district capital. From Balige, you can see the panorama of Lake Toba charming.

This area is quite strategic to get the best atmosphere of the natural scenery of Lake Toba. In addition, Balige also famous for its markets that sell a variety of unique souvenirs. In Balige, you also can find a row of typical culinary seller Batak society. Balige also save nuanced historical museum Batak, while containing relics Batak tribe. The museum is known as the T. B. Silalahi. The name was taken from the founders of this mueum named TB Silalahi. Moreover, here too there is the tomb SISINGAMANGARAJA XII, a famous hero in Indonesia. Another place that is usually crowded, beach Lumban Silintong. There you can watch the beautiful scenery and charming located on the shores of Lake Toba.

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In addition there is also Brastagih Balige, which is one of the flagship destinations in Lake Toba. Brastagih is peak tourist attractive natural beauty store. There, you can enjoy the cool air and pemandaangan Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak. Green trees, too coloring beauty in Brastagih. Not only is it Sipiso Piso very beautiful and refreshing as well there. From the top Brastagih, you could see vast stretches of Lake Toba.

Souvenirs And Culinary Lake Toba

In the area around Lake Toba Batak tribe was inhabited by a variety of cultural uniqueness. For typical cendramata the hobo community was also diverse, ranging from unique guitars are made of wood typical hobo, up to ancient calendar written by hand, of course, also native of Batak, and many other unique souvenirs. The paradise of shopping goods - antiques and unique Batak exist on the island. There is a variety of interesting souvenirs. One of them, namely, cloth Ulos. Ulos fabric is a woven fabric which is usually colored red, white and black, and decorated bengan gold colored thread.

For culinary, many unique culinary of this place, some restaurants are also here including Elios Restaurant, Rumba Pizza, Romlan Guest House, Tabo Restaurant and Buddhist Resto serves all tempting you.


Tips Visiting Lake Toba and Samosir Island

1. Choose the Right Time

Pay a visit in April to August. Because in the month - this month, the weather is sunny there, so you can enjoy a tour of Lake Toba comfortably.

2. Visiting On Existence Time Ceremony

The advantage for you if menunjungi Lake Toba, when local communities are doing a ritual or a party of the people of Lake Toba is you can witness the excitement of the event. other than that there is a very crowded event here is Lake Toba Festival

3. Choose the Moment Documentation

If you want to get the nice photos of Lake Toba, time is quite limited, only about 1 hour. Morning at 05:30 until 06:30, while in the afternoon at 16.00 to 17.00. time - time is often referred to as the Golden hours. Because at this moment, the best light yaang presented at Lake Toba.

4. Take Heart When bekunjung To Sipiso Piso

To visit Sipiso Piso, be careful - careful, because some of the roads that you would have traversed a slippery and steep terrain.

5. Use Shoes

For your convenience in traveling to Lake Toba, can use the shoe for touring around Lake Toba.

That review regarding destination attraction beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island, may review the above can be useful for you as well.


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