Nonsense at the Exit Polls
by Tyler Cassell
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Many Trump supporters exiting the polls have been quoted as saying they voted for “The Donald” because “he speaks his mind and I like that.” What a dumb statement if there ever was one!

Hitler and Mussolini spoke their minds too, and look what happened in Europe. Because somebody speaks their mind is no qualification for anything except for foot-in-mouth disease. You can’t have a president who speaks his mind and thinks later. That would be a disaster.

Other Trump supporters say he will “make America great again.” America is already great and is getting better and better every day under President Obama’s leadership. We’ve recovered from the worst financial crisis since the great depression.

Unemployment has been reduced to under 5 percent and thousands of new jobs are created each month. Home sales are increasing and new building is surging. Twenty million more people have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Some Trump supporters say we need tough guy Trump to “fix Washington.” Washington is not broken. Congress has been hijacked by Tea Party Republicans like Ted Cruz, who want to dismantle progress and continually filibuster everything they don’t like.

Moments after Obama’s re-election in 2012, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell publicly said that his goal was to stop everything that Obama wanted to do for the next four years. He and his obstructionist pals have colluded to halt most of what could have been accomplished since then.

If you want to “fix Washington” vote the Tea Party obstructionists out and replace them with Democrats or moderates who want to play.

Building casinos is very different than creating policy and working with Congress and foreign leaders. No highly successful businessman has ever made a successful president; look at history.

Business and government are diabolically opposing ideas. Businesses are in business to make a profit, employees are expendable. Government’s purpose is to serve the people by providing services for the common good. People and service is important, not profits.

My sense is that although Trump seems to be winning the caucuses and primaries, the vast majority of Republicans who haven’t voted are horrified and ashamed about his being the Republican candidate for president, if it comes to that.

This may cause many of them to stay home in the general election or even vote for Hillary, the anti-Trump, and wait it out until the election in 2020.

Tyler Cassell is a resident of Flushing.
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