Lampedusa and the rabbit beach
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Lampedusa is one of the island of Pelagie – among Italy and Africa – and by a long shot the hare shoreline is one of the most lovely shorelines of the world!It is the biggest of the Pelagie archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and is a piece of the area of Agrigento. Authoritatively, together with Linosa, the region of Lampedusa and Linosa (of which it is the civil seat), which has a sum of 6,304 occupants, structures. With a zone of 20.2 km², it is the fifth biggest augmentation of the Sicilian islands. In antiquated occasions his name was Lopadúsa (Λοπαδοῦσσα in Greek).


The island has a stretched shape and measures from 0 to E, 10.8 km, while at the vastest point, from N to S, measures 3.6 km, for a border improvement of 33.3 km. Topographically it is a Horst and has a place with Africa; as Pantelleria is nearer to the Tunisian coasts, away from these 113 km (and 150 km from Malta), than to the Sicilian ones, from which it isolates 205 km; the most extreme profundity of the arm of the ocean among Lampedusa and Africa is 120 m.

The most astounding point on the island is the Sole Tree, at 133 m height. Lampedusa is likewise the southernmost possessed focal point of Italy: it is in actuality situated at the scope of 35 ° 30 'N, further south of Tunis and Algiers.

Spots of Interest

Beginning from the little port and going westwards, you will run over the narrows where the Guitgia shoreline is situated, in the wake of passing this, which shuts the harbor delta toward the west, the following stretch of coast is described by pinnacles and bays of morphological intrigue like Cala Croce and Cala Madonna, especially profound, Cala Greca and Cala Galera. { Hotel Lampedusa }

After a stretch of higher coast, which surmounts the inlet of Tabaccara, we come in sight of the island of Conigli that is a couple of many meters from the coast where the homonymous shoreline is, and where once Dominic Modugno spent his days off and where he kicked the bucket, on 6 August 1994. Before long, there is the Cala Pulcino and the Vallone dell'Acqua. On the northern side of the island described by high and indented coasts at Punta Parise we discover an especially enormous cavern and the tight passageway, which permits get to just to swimming, and in which there is a little sandy shoreline. Proceeding with westwards, from here starts a stretch of coast portrayed by the nearness of the Scogli Pignolta, Sacramento and Faraglione, trailed by Punta Muro, Punta Cappellone that goes down to the ocean, Cala Ruperta, Punta Taccio Vecchio and Punta Alaimo that imprint a long especially wild coast.

Another focal point is the beacon of Capo Grecale, from which along a huge cove called the Dead Sea, and frequented by vessels and jumpers pulled in by the assortment of fish fauna you reach Punta Parrino, which shuts the bay, and Punta Sottile where there are a few bays of the southern incline, for example, Cala Francese, at the base of which there is a shoreline close to the airplane terminal.

Island of Rabbits

The island of the Rabbits (ìsula dî Cunigghi in Sicilian) is an Italian island having a place with the archipelago of the Pelagie islands, in Sicily.

The islet, simply 4.4 hectares, is situated inside a straight picked by TripAdvisor clients, as a component of the Travelers' Choice Awards, the most wonderful shoreline on the planet in 2013, in Europe and in Italy in 2014 and 2015.

The island is exceptionally near the coast, to such an extent that it has once in a while been joined to it through a spontaneous sandy isthmus of 30 meters long . This is an uncommon occasion (the last time in 2008) , because of the wave and low tide, yet it is typically conceivable to stop here of the narrows while never diving totally into the water, since the profundity differs from 30 to 150 cm.

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