Lack of outrage
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Dear Editor,

In our modern world, there’s a strict adherence to being tolerant, patient, and forgiving. When we witness something that immediately calls in to question our awareness of rude behavior, a red flag is raised.

When a group of individuals took it upon themselves to pour buckets of water on police officers recently, the outrage at such acts and the dismissal by some that it did not represent malcontent for law and order cries out for an explanation.

Some actually view it as a reaction to the soaring summer temperatures. I personally overheard a group of young men and women saying, “the cops should have thanked those guys.”

If such small acts of civil unrest are not questioned as being immoral and unacceptable, it is only a matter of time before our world reaches a more horrific level.

Yet, many do not wish to acknowledge such things require our attention, and would much rather embrace an image in their minds of blue skies and green fields. It is much easier to ignore an oncoming storm if we stop adhering to the warning signs.

Influences are vast and far reaching in a world where every day something can be recorded and posted for our amusement and bemusement.

Some studies by sociologist indicate our reliance and allegiance to social media mandates civil societies will not explode, they will instead implode.

We are slowly losing our most valuable asset of common sense. We are being duped in to living in a world based entirely on hearsay and lies.


Craig Schwab


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