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Dear Editor,

Unlike the recent incident at an Astoria laundromat, we know who the man is that repeatedly exposes himself in a Maspeth laundromat. He lives about three blocks away and is not hard to find since he lives outdoors in plain sight.

He has been "arrested" several times in the last year but is always released. On August 6, he exposed himself to the girls in the store across the street from the laundromat. Next to the store is the new preschool set to open in a few weeks.

If we can't do something about one homeless person for over one year, what will happen when there is a homeless shelter with over 100 homeless people in the neighborhood. No one can expect that the homeless will stay in their rooms 24/7.

Putting the homeless in a hotel is not the answer to the homeless problem. They have physical and mental problems that should be addressed. Is the shelter going to have medical and psychological professionals in residence to help and treat them?

It is a terrible idea for the Maspeth community and similar communities.

Maspeth is not politically connected like other communities. Maspeth is not a community of rich and powerful people. It is a community of middle class, lower middle class and poor people. There are no mansions, only small one and two-family frame houses.

I recommend an impact study be done before the shelter is implemented. Aren't the people who have invested their lives in Maspeth worth it?

As mentioned above, I and others have been trying to do something about one homeless man who has been exposing himself for over one year and have not been successful. I wonder if I was an advisor for the mayor, I could just make one phone call and it would be done.

The homeless shelter is a very bad deal, and the city is making a big mistake.


Jerry Drake


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