Headache or brain injury after an accident
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After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, one of the symptoms that victims often experience are headaches.  These headaches can range from mild to severe in intensity and can remain for a short period of time or can persist for months or even years.  For those individuals who suffer headaches following an accident, they may be accompanied with neck and lower back pain.  They may not realize the cause of the headaches are unrelated to a spine injury but was brought about by an injury to the brain. 

What people do not notice is that a person can suffer a brain injury without having fallen or getting a blow to the head.  It can also occur without a loss of consciousness.   In accidents involving motor vehicles, a head injury can even occur if you head does not forcibly strike a vehicle’s steering wheel or dashboard.  What can happen is that when your motor vehicle is struck by another vehicle, it can experience an acceleration / deceleration movement.  The force of your vehicle coming to a sudden stop from a high rate of speed can cause a sudden forward and backwards movement to the head and spine.  The rapid acceleration / deceleration causes the brain to hit the sides of the skull, causing the damage.   

For those accidents where the head does not strike the vehicle’s interior, the idea that you suffered a brain injury would not be immediately known.  People who go to a hospital following an accident with complaints of headaches may be recommended to receive a brain MRI or CT Scan.   However, even if the results of these tests show no observable damage to the brain, this is not proof that he or she did not suffer a brain injury.  What instead will happen is that over time, the headaches will not go away and can be accompanied with other symptoms, including dizziness, confusion or blurred vision.  

For people who have these symptoms after a motor vehicle accident, it is important to realize that they may not be temporary.  When we watch sports and see athletes sustain concussions, we often think their symptoms, which include headaches, memory loss and dizziness, will disappear.  However, rather than go away, the symptoms can persist or even worsen.   For some people, the brain injury symptoms can worsen to the point where they start developing depression, personality changes and experience difficulties concentrating on basic tasks.  When this occurs, if a person is living alone, they may not become aware of these changes or that they were caused by a brain injury.  Also, they may not want to acknowledge the reality of how a motor vehicle accident has severely affected their ability to work or perform other everyday activities.

Therefore, when you suffer a headache after a motor vehicle accident, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible who has experience representing clients that suffered brain injuries.  Our lawyers will ask a client the right questions as they are aware of the brain injury symptoms and can help find the experts that provide the proper treatment and testing.  Contacting an experienced attorney is essential as they help the client realize that even in those situations where they did not sustain a blow to the head or loss of consciousness or where a test at the hospital was normal, the headaches and other symptoms are related to a brain injury.  An attorney who lacks experience in understanding the severity of brain injuries can completely undervalue the case and hurt a client whose injuries will require long-term medical treatment.  Therefore, by hiring the right attorney who is aware of the brain-related symptoms and the long-term effects that result from them, will make a huge difference when the case is settled.  

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