End immigration
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Dear Editor,

Regarding Phil Orenstein's 12/10 letter, Congressman Gregory Meeks' claim that we "have the strongest refugee vetting program in the world" is insane.

If our screening is so tough, why did the State Department issue a fiancee Visa to Tashfeen Malik? Did anyone check her Jihadi social media posts before enabling her to slaughter folks in San Bernardino?

Her entry pass is called a K-1 Visa. The “K” stood for killer in her case. Let's end this ticket for terrorists.

The H1-B visa program for high tech workers is another easy pass for predators. It's a perfect cover for tech-savvy terrorists and takes well-paying jobs away from qualified U.S. citizens.

We must also halt the Visa waiver program for passport holders from 38 countries. Why do they gain easy entry while Visas are required for citizens of all other nations? Instead of posing as refugees, potential terrorists can get passports from any of the waived countries.

To bolster public safety, the U.S. should suspend all immigration for three years while we secure our borders, tighten air and sea entry points, screen all recent immigrants already here and pressure Congress to pass sweeping immigration reform legislation.

Yes, we're a nation of immigrants, but we need a respite to review and absorb all those now on our soil. The Statue of Liberty says "Give me your poor, your tired, your hungry, your huddled masses yearning to be free." It does not say "Give a green light to everyone who seeks to destroy us."


Richard Reif

Kew Gardens Hills
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