Don’t overreact
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Dear Editor,

In the wake of the recent mass shootings, President Donald Trump has quite reasonably called for a bipartisan response focusing on measures that can be expected to reduce the probability of such events in the future.

So-called “Red Flag” laws, if carefully drafted to respect the full constitutional rights of the accused, may be a helpful step, but they must not be simply a back-door to mass gun confiscation.

Taking away guns should be allowed only if the accused is proven to have committed violent acts or made explicit threats of violence. There must be due process, and the accused must be permitted to cross-examine witnesses and bring forward witnesses in his defense.

Any such confiscation should be for a limited period, with guns restored to the owner unless it can again be proven that he is still a danger to himself or others.

The response from the Left has been to demand irrelevant actions. One mass shooter after another has passed a background check, so making them “universal” will not help.

Shooters have often used pistols or shotguns, so nothing will be gained by banning rifles designed specifically for civilian use and misleadingly labelled “assault-style”.


Peter J. Thomas


The Conservative Caucus
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