Brooklyn moms create drink to help pregnant women stay healthy
by Jess Berry
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For friends Amber Wilcox and Stacy Rauen, being pregnant not only led to the birth of some beautiful children, but also a beautiful idea.

Bump Water is a beverage made specifically for pregnant women and new moms, formulated by Wilcox and Rauen, that includes essential prenatal vitamins — most importantly folic acid — in an easy to swallow and tasty form.

The two women met almost a decade ago, when they were both living on the same base in Jacksonville with their helicopter-flying Navy husbands. They have remained close friends ever since, and both ended up living in Brooklyn.

When Rauen got pregnant for the first time, she spent much of the pregnancy very sick. She had trouble stomaching the prenatal vitamins she needed to take, which she said were like “horse pills.”

She also spent much of her day “downing sparkling water” to try and stay as hydrated as she needed to in order to keep herself and her baby healthy.

She called Wilcox to talk about her sickness and struggles with her prenatal pills, and that is when, she said, “we put two and two together.”

The two came up with the idea for Bump Water, a supplement for prenatal pills, as a way for women to get a healthy dose of vitamins while also giving them another options besides plain water to keep hydrated.

After looking online and realizing there were no companies that offered a similar product — a fact that was shocking to both women — they began developing their idea.

“It just happened kind of organically,” Rauen said. “We had a family member who knew of a company that basically is a formulation company for beverages called Flavor Man. We reached out to them and said, ‘This is our idea, how do we make this work?’”

At that point, they started to work out how to include the necessary vitamins while still making a drink that tasted good and would not be overwhelming for a pregnant woman’s palate.

“We started with a robust flavor, more like Gatorade, but we realized women’s palates when they’re pregnant want more like a sparkling water with flavor,” Rauen said. “We wanted to be refreshing without being overpowering.”

The two women had the added benefit that during the formulation process for the drink, Wilcox was pregnant with her second child.

“I got to test it out with the second pregnancy during the formulation and taste testing,” Wilcox said, “so I had a unique perspective and really knew what tasted great and what didn’t taste great.”

That unique perspective resulted in the creation of Bump Water’s sparkling water flavors: cranberry ginger and lemonade.

Each of those drinks packs 100 percent of not only folic acid, which is essential to healthy fetal development, but Vitamins A, D, B6 and B12, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc and Magnesium.

Those flavors launched in February, and now the two moms, who are both pregnant again and both due in November, are excited to announce the launch of their flat water line, with added flavors of pomegranate mixed berry and strawberry lemonade.

And of course, all of the flavors are healthy options with low levels of sugar.

“Women when they’re pregnant watch everything that goes into their bodies,” Rauen said. “We really kept within the diabetic regulations of how much sugar you’re supposed to have. We made it all natural.”

The two partners are excited for the growth of the company, which is also having discussions with some major retailers about getting their product on shelves. Currently you can only buy Bump Water online, at, and

“From our idea to where we are now, it’s kind of hard to believe that we’ve come this far,” Wilcox said. “Especially because neither of us has a background in the beverage industry.”

Both said that reaction to the drinks has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been great to see women’s reactions to it,” Rauen said. “At first they’re like, ‘This smells like a ton of vitamins.’ And then they try it. And then a bunch of women are like, ‘Wow this doesn’t exist already?’”

The drinks are not meant to be a replacement for prenatal pills, they said, but a supplement and a way for pregnant women to ensure that they and their babies are getting all of the nutrients they need.

In the end, the two moms just wanted to give something back to other women.

“It’s great to be regular moms helping other moms,” Wilcox said.

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