8 Weighty Reasons to Choose Toyota RAV4 You Should Know About
by monica.quinn.ny
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Toyota RAV4 meets the needs of not only crossover fans who appreciate only reliability and comfort but also a younger audience. For example, modern technical solutions and functionality of the RAV4 will be welcomed by young families, the spectacular design and maximum safety of the car will be an advantage for women, and young men who prefer an active lifestyle will choose the crossover for the drive and off-road capabilities. In this article, we have gathered eight weighty reasons to choose Toyota RAV4 you should know about.

1. Back to basics

The crossover class was created for outdoor enthusiasts. This is precisely what is reflected in its name - Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD (RAV4) or vehicle for outdoor activities with four-wheel drive. Over the development of four generations, the RAV4 has evolved along with customer demands and market trends, while maintaining consistent quality, reliability, and durability. In the fifth generation (due to large-scale design changes and the technological arsenal of a true SUV) the RAV4 returns to its original design. Today, Toyota RAV4 is a car for any road, any task, and any weather.

2. Revolutionary TNGA architecture

The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 is built on the global TNGA architecture, which has transformed absolutely all of its basic characteristics. The car has become more dynamic and safer. It received a completely new off-road design and a new level of handling. All this is a direct consequence of the main advantages of the revolutionary architecture:

  • High body rigidity

  • A low center of gravity 

  • Thoughtful aerodynamics

3. The appearance of an SUV

The design of the new RAV4 has become more brutal, tailored for off-road adventures, and the car looks great in the scenery of the big city at the same time. The aggressive radiator grille, fenders with wheel arches, and sculpted sidewalls give the new RAV4 a visual resemblance to legendary Toyota SUVs such as the Land Cruiser 200 and Land Cruiser Prado. On the other hand, modern LED headlights and 19-inch rims, which appeared for the first time in the equipment of the model, give the car sophistication and completeness of the external appearance.

4. The perfect interior

While designing the interior of the new RAV4, Toyota engineers focused not only on the ergonomics of the driver's seat and space for passengers but also on the tactile and visual experience. The interior of the RAV4 has many soft surfaces. If you want to buy or lease a Toyota RAV4, you should know that the main elements of the interior are made of high-quality materials that are extremely pleasant to the touch. The overall perception is influenced by the corporate ornament of intersecting octagons, background LED lighting, comfortable fit, optimal visibility from the driver's workplace, thoughtful arrangement of controls, and comfortable placement of rear passengers.

5. Impressive handling

All vehicles built on the TNGA platform offer improved handling and the new RAV4 is no exception. A low center of gravity, a stiffer body thanks to the use of high-strength steels, recalibrated front and rear suspension, and electric power steering located directly on the rail instead of the steering shaft, all provide the crossover with safe, controlled, and truly amazing handling.

6. Comfort on the road

The impression of the comfort of the car is made up primarily of the ride and the level of sound insulation. Optimized front suspension with MacPherson struts and rear multi-link suspension has brought the new RAV4's ride smoothness to a level comparable to that of the Toyota Camry business sedan. The optimized aerodynamics of the crossover reduces the noise level from the air currents. Additionally, Toyota engineers significantly expanded the area of ​​noise insulation under the bottom. The improved sound insulation of the engine compartment and wheel arches with new rubber seals will allow the driver and passengers to communicate without raising their voices, even at high speed.

7. Power in technology

The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 is powered by new gasoline naturally aspirated engines of the Dynamic Force series, specially developed for the TNGA. Thanks to the advanced VVT-iE intake valve timing system, D-4S combined fuel injection, increased compression ratio (up to 13: 1), laser machined intake valve seats, and new hydraulic mounts, both engines perform as well as turbocharged competitors in terms of performance gain in reliability. Better combustion of the air/fuel mixture over the entire operating speed range, Dynamic Force engines provide increased power, better responsiveness, and lower fuel consumption. At the same time, both engines allow operation on gasoline with an octane rating of 91.

8. All-wheel drive

For the first time in its history, the RAV4 offers two AWD systems. Traditional Dynamic Torque Control AWD (Comfort equipment) automatically engages the rear wheels when the front wheels slip. At the same time, the new Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD is a segment-unique all-wheel drive transmission with two separate clutches on each of the rear wheels. Independent traction vector control (when the torque is individually distributed between the rear wheels) significantly improves the car's behavior both on the asphalt (stability on the trajectory, higher cornering speed, reducing the effects of oversteer and understeering) and off-road (reducing the risk of wheel slip, easily copes with diagonal hanging).

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