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SS Roofing Boston

SS Roofing Boston is A Top Rated Star Roofer In Massachusetts. Their official contact information is: SS Roofing Boston 2315 Washington St #613, Boston, MA 02119 (617) 313-7775
A Message From The Owner:
An award winning roofing company in Brookline, MA near Boston. We service areas like Dorchester, Newton & Roxbury as well as the South Shore and greater Boston area. SS Roofing Boston is a GAF Master Elite Roofer. The company only uses the highest grade materials from companies like GAF, Tamko & CertainTeed. They are a full service siding & gutters company as well. We provide full installations and repairs for flat or sloped exteriors.
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"SS Roofing has made a mark from the very beginning as I called them and they humbly replied me that they will be soon at my doorstep. It was just what they said because within a few hours they were at my doorstep and after a short exchange of words, they started inspecting my roof. They carefully listened what I said about my roof and shared their views as well. Our points matched and I handed over the task to them. It was a tough job indeed that I understood watching them giving real hard labor for setting my roof. Thanks to them for re-roofing my home at a decent cost. I would like to recommend it to as many people possible."
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"SS Roofing Boston distinguished themselves from the start. After we requested a quote, the owner himself (Costi) showed up to gather the information he needed to provide one (and it matched up to the penny with what we paid no hidden charges, extra expenses for additional labor, etc.). He spent a great deal of time carefully inspecting the roof, asking questions and providing options and information all the while. He was careful to explain everything about his methods, from how he determined if a potential worker was qualified to the methodical manner in which they would carry out the various tasks required for the roofing work needed (all of which were described in detail. He took the time to ensure we understood what he would be doing and why, what options we had in terms of roofing materials (and how he obtained these), even providing samples to help with color choices. In short, he was as thorough in his assessment and as transparent about his process as could have been hoped. We received an official quote the next day, along with copies of his license information, insurance information, and scheduling options. The office administrator (Wendy) was prompt in her responses to all of our inquiries and when notifying us right before the work began on schedule. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and one did: the individual hired to drive the dumpster to our house to leave for the roofers starting the next day tore up a rather large chunk of our admittedly somewhat cracked driveway. We spent an anxious night worrying over possible resolutions, but all this turned out to be absolutely needless. The next day the Costi put the dumpster up on wooden planks to protect our driveway and to allow the dumpster to be removed without further damage. He then patched the driveway himself before we could even ask if the matter had been brought to his attention. The work proceeded exactly as Costi described, and watching the workers do their jobs was like watching a well-oiled machine functioning perfectly. The result was a delight. Costi made sure not only to periodically inspect the job during the day, but to look after his workers (his first words to them after arriving for one such inspection were to ensure they had taken their lunch; only after he was satisfied that his workers had all that they required and were well did he once again double and triple check all the work done since his last inspection). Afterwards, Costi made sure we were happy with the results, taking us around the house to point out what was done where (and why) before telling us that we didn't have to pay that day. We were more than happy to. He also asked about other plans we had for home repairs/improvement we had told him of, offering a variety of helpful tips, advice, etc. He and his workers were thoroughly professional and absolutely committed to ensuring we were pleased with every component of the job from start to finish. We simply cannot emphasize enough how highly we recommend SS Roofing Boston. They will not rest until you are happy with their work, and we know you will be."
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SS Roofing Boston

2315 Washington Street #613
Boston MA 02119
(617) 313-7775

SS Roofing Boston — Boston

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