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 Dating/Living with a Domenican woman?
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Interview and with completed New York Poll taken to shed light on this type of relationship. For those men non Domenican dating and or living with Domenican woman.

Survey completed. If you are not a Domenican man dating or living with a Domenican woman, here are some actual facts that are true.

1) Very nice woman, and after they have children being married before and now divorced, or just separated, they look for a man who has a good job, a man who literally takes care of them above and beyond what they are used to. And then here is how the relationship begins. First they may have a car and a job. Before long the woman gets rid of the car. Changing jobs two three times, and they get driven to and from their work by the new boyfriend. "Sounds Familiar'.

2) Within a 5-8 year period thereafter the woman begins to want to stop working. It is too much for them, their feet, or back hurts, maybe their necks are giving them trouble, and so the next step is go on disability. At this time, they also try and work off the books somewhere.

3) Here is where the similarities get weird for all the men. By the 5th year in their relationship, the man sees the apartment looking messy. So the man straightens out the place every week. Next the laundry is piling up so the man starts doing the laundry for both of them. Lastly cooking becomes a problem for the woman, and the man has to cook, or bring food home.

4) With all the things the woman can not do, she must have someone do her hair which is a 4-5 hours process because their hair is difficult and it needs straightening out which takes hours. If that is not bad enough, these types of woman have a make up bag that looks like a piece of luggage. Heavy too. And if these woman have to get ready to go out somewhere, a restaurant, a birthday, a wedding, it takes them 7-9 hours to get ready, no lie.

*IS THIS SOUNDING ALL TO FAMILIAR? Strangely enough these men reading this may realize this is the cold truth, but had this be mentioned to them by others, they wouldn't hear of it, discard it, and never had seen it this way.

Oh yes, driving them all around, for anything and everything. Ordering their food for them in Restaurants. Sometimes cutting their food for them. Helping them into a car and placing the seat belt on for them. These woman want everything done for them period. And if this woman is this way, so is her mother, maybe her daughter, and aunts too. A man who lives with a Domenican woman has to have the patience of a saint. The costs between food, maintenance, medical, grandchildren, and other expenses will always no matter how much this man makes, or including any rental income if any, will always keep him in debt until he is left dry. No Lie.

Many may get angered at this article but it is what it is. This poor man will become overworked, drive a car like a Uber cab driver, become overweight fast, and start feeling all the effects of this relationship by years 9, 10, 11, or 12 in their relationship! Not to mention the enormous amounts of money spent all this time, or until they are even more in debt.

*There you have it* Blind as can Be-And can not be helped by anyone.



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