Apartments-Rents are higher, and Landlords getting out of... by godfather
Telling it like it is
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Apartments-Rents are higher, and Landlords getting out of control
by godfather
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You get the headaches
You get the headaches

Apartments-Rents are higher, and Landlords getting out of control

Areas-Middle Village, Maspeth, Glendale, New York

After 40 years in the business I keep hearing something new. You think you’ve heard it all but you haven’t. I built my reputation each year for 40 Years.  I have been a Community minded person, being President of the Middle Village Kiwannis Club, President of the Lions Business organization and Vice Commander of the Luke J. Lang Veterans organization, since I am a Vietnam Veteran.  I pull no punches and tell it like it is. From our current President of the United States,  to owners of properties, and about Landlords who want to rent their apartments. I have written over 300 news articles to date in various newspapers and Web sites.

So let me get to the point here right now. Landlords have become difficult as of late trying to rent their apartments. How so, well to the point that they should sell their multi-family property because they are requesting ridiculous things from the tenants viewing their apartments. They need to buy a 1 family and not be a Landlord any longer.

Case in point examples, 5 room apartments, with 2 bedrooms, available for over 2-4 months now, why because of the following requests from Landlords: you get a couple with good income, and good credit scores, they view the apartment  then say they want it, but the Landlord says you can’t walk into the apartment with shoes on? Yes that’s right. No rental of course.

Next, you have two adult sisters who own a business, good income high credit scores,  they view an apartment or want to see it, but the Landlord says no sisters to rent my apartment? Believe that?

How about this one, 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, a couple with great jobs, great income and good credit scores, but they have a 2 month old baby and the Landlords says no Babies?

Realtors have a tough time as it is renting apartments with out of hand rents today, where normally tenants have to come up with 3 months rent to secure the place. But you add in such actually stupid requests of Do’s and Don’ts and you are spinning your wheels for nothing. Some have to have a 10 page application filled out, a lease signing, a notary present to execute renting an apartment. And the last thing they request from day one, which I can not disclose at all, are requests that could land you fines of up to $5,000 dollars and loss of your license. It is what it is. They want the impossible.

To the many Landlords who I know for years who have bent my ears in the street, in my office about complaints of their previous tenants, then finally give me their apartment listing, but rent the apartment on their own or through another Realtor, I say thanks for nothing! You always waste my time.

Why do people buy 6 6 walk in apartments, three families with 7 bedrooms for investment only, but they do not want families? Like a broken record a single or a couple only. The mentality has me thinking seriously not ever taking an apartment listing ever again. Let them deal directly with people, where they come from, interviewing, checking credit scores, w2’s, while the tenants children stand there and Landlords end up saying I will get back to you! It isn’t worth the time and effort any more.

Landlords deal with tenants directly and please do not call me ever again. I want peace in my life. There is no respect and loyalty from Landlords who just use you these days. Other Realtors in the Community already stopped taking and renting apartment listings. I wonder why?

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